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妻管严丈夫 hen-pecked husband

取消“大锅饭” give up the practice of "eating from the same big pot"; abolish egalitarianism

取消福利分房 abolish the welfare-oriented distribution (allocation) of public housing

全球变暖 global warming

全面投产开工 go into (enter ) full operation; be full operation; be fully operational

拳头产品 knockout product or competitive product

缺少流动资金 a shortage of circulating funds (floating capital)

裙带经济 crony economy


人才 competent people; trained personnel; experts; specialists

人才市场 the personnel market

人均国民生产总值达到中等发达国家水平 The average per-capita GNP will reach the standard of moderately developed countries.

人民币对美圆汇率稳定 the stability of RMB exchange rate against USD

人民币贬值的压力 the devaluation pressure on RMB

人均住房 per-capita housing

日经指数跌至今年最低点 the Nikkei Index fell to a record low for the year.

融资 financing; fund-raising


三角恋爱 love triangle

三角债 chain debts

三陪服务 escort service

傻瓜相机 Instamatic INSTA(NT)+(AUTO)MATIC

商品房空置的现象 the vacancy problem in commercial housing

商品粮基地 a commodity grain production base

商业银行 commercial banks

上海证券交易所 the Shanghai Securities Exchange

社会生活 social activities

社会治安情况 law-and-order situation

生活物价指数 the cost of living index/the price index

谁控股? Who holds the controlling shares?

实行董事会领导下的总经理负责制 practice the system of director-general responsibility under the leadership of board of the bored of directors.

使经济进一步市场化 make the economy more market-oriented

使大中型企业摆脱困境 extricate (free) the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises from predicament

实体经济 the real economy

售后服务 after sale service

死胡同 blind alley

私人企业 private enterprises (foreign-funded, foreign financed foreign-owned) enterprises


提高军队在高科技条件下的作战能力 improve the army combat capabilities under high-tech conditions

提高综合国力 improve the overall national strength (the overall strength of the country)

投诉 lodge a complaint, register a beef

投诉热线 dial-a-cheat confidential hotline

投资热点 a region attractive to investors, a much-sought piece of land,

popular investment spot

推进国民经济信息化 try to informationize the national economy

推进政府机构改革 restructure government institutions

脱贫致富 cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity


外交豁免权 diplomatic immunity

外商独资企业 wholly (solely ) foreign-owned enterprises

外向型经济/城市 an export-oriented economy/a foreign-oriented city, an international city

外资 overseas investment

外资企业 foreign invested (foreign founded ,foreign financed ,foreign-owned) enterprises .

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下海 go into business

小康水平 the living standards of a fairly comfortable life; a relatively comfortable standard of living

消除两极分化,最终达到共同富裕 eliminate polarization and ultimately achieve common prosperity


沿着有中国特色的社会主义道路阔步前进 take great strides along the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics

摇头丸 dancing outreach

依法收税 levy taxes according the law

一次付清 pay in full

一次消费 one-time-consumption

一次成像照片 a Polaroid picture

一次偿还信贷 non-installment

一次性杯子 sanitary cup

一次性筷子 disposable chopsticks

一次性收入 lump-sum payment

一次用包装 non-returnable container

一次性汇款 lump-sum payment

一次性拖鞋 disposable slippers

一蹶不振的B股市场 a sluggish B-share market

以经济建设为中心 take economic construction as the central task

隐形就业 unregistered employment; veiled re-employment

隐形眼镜 contact lens

有价证券投资 portfolio investment

拥军优属 preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs

拥有至少50%的股份 hold a minimum of 50% percent of the equity

由于资源不足,必须实施可持续发展战略 We must adopt the strategy of sustainable development owing to the limited resources.

与国际接轨 be geared to international standards; be brought in line with international practice (norms)

与美圆的联系汇率 the system of pegging the currency to the U.S. dollar

育龄夫妇 couples of child-bearing age


增加财政收入 increase the state tax revenue (fiscal revenue)

增殖税 the value-added tax (VAT)

掌上明珠 the apple of one's eye

正常贸易关系 Normal Trade Relations

政策银行 policy bank

政企分开 separate administrative functions from enterprises management ;separate administration from management

振兴支柱产业 invigorate pillar industries

振兴中华 the rejuvenation (revitalization) of the Chinese nation

支持强强联合,实现优势互补 support association between strong enterprises so that they can take advantage of each other's strengths

智囊团、思想库 the brain trust (think tank)

执行通货紧缩政策 pursue a deflationary policy (the policy of deflation)

支援灾区(灾民);救灾 provide relief to disaster-stricken areas (people)

制约 check and supervision

中共十五大 the 15th National Congress of the CPC

中外合资100强 the top 100 Sino-foreign (Chinese-foreign) joint ventures

重视老龄化问题 attach importance to the problem of population aging (the aging population)

昼夜服务 round-the-clock service

主体经济 principal sector of the economy; the mainstay of the economy

滞销货 unmarketable (unsalable .poor selling )product

抓大放小 manage large enterprises well while ease control over small ones

总产值创最高历史记录 total output value hit a record high (an all-time high)

综合指数停止下滑,上升28点,达到671点 the composite stopped the declining momentum, gaining 28 points to 671

最终实现人民币的自由兑换 the free convertibility of the RMB will evenly be instituted ;the RMB will finally become a convertible currency
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